Tapioca Shoot Out: Bubble Tea

Taiwan’s innovation to tea has been a great one to the tea drinker’s world.

Not only did Taiwan tea brewers invent new recipes of tea drinks with fruits and other flavors they made drinking tea fun! Bubble tea is very popular in Taiwan with growing popularity in other parts of the world.

Bubble tea consists of brewed red, white, black or green teas with optional real fruit or powered fruit flavors and also the option of adding tapioca pearls and/or jelly to the cup.

Bubble Tea is a whole new playing field for cold teas. It can be turned into slushies with added ice or smoothies or milk teas.

Bubble tea first began when a tea stand in Taiwan innovated by putting in fruit flavors into their tea. To make sure the tea and flavoring was mixed well a shaker was used with ice which produced a large amount of bubbles when served.Thus the name “Bubble” tea began.  Later on, another tea brewer decided to put black tapioca pearls to give an interesting texture contrast when drank and a distinctive visual presentation and other tea brewers followed the trend.

There are endless combinations of tea, fruits, power flavors, milk, ice, different tapioca, and different jellies that makes Bubble Tea always fresh and new.

As apart of the diverse range of tea and tea beverages,  Teatock tea houses also serves bubble tea in house and take out.


3 responses to “Tapioca Shoot Out: Bubble Tea

  1. Some people said that drinking tea makes you awake if you drink before you go to sleep. Have you ever heard about this? Do you think it would be helpful to drink tea when I study for my exam?? 😛

  2. I don’t know how to express my admiration for the Bubble Tea…These are the best I‘ve ever tasted. I love this tea hourse and I propose everyone to come and pick something for yourself. 🙂 ………………………………………………….how many words did I post?? >.<

    • Thanks so much for the rave review. I’m glad you enjoy or bubble tea. I wish they had a word count for comments as well, like they do with posts.

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